Exclusive Virtual Showcase


Your Time, your legacy in every sense. Book an exclusive virtual showcase appointment to explore the Legacy collection first-hand.  

What to expect from a virtual showcase:
- An introduction to the Oscar Fenston brand.
- An Oscar Fenston ambassador will walk you through the key features, materials, design inspirations and styling options. - An overview of our Social Initiative with Calm Zone Charity.
- Of course, we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding the timepiece, our services and brand.

How long would the virtual showcase be? 
Each session is scheduled for 20 minutes. We value your time and we will be flexible to suit your schedule and to ensure you have all your questions answered.

How can I book my virtual showcase? 
Simply click on the link below and select a time slot suitable for you. You will then receive a confirmation email which entails a Zoom link to access your appointment.