Our Story

Admitted into hospital on her 30th Birthday, which led to a two-month stay, our founder Katheryn Abbatuan created Oscar Fenston as a passion project to channel her energy and time into something positive and meaningful. During this time, our co-founder Robin Thelander too experienced an accident that left him hospitalized with a broken back. Their needs and desires to not lose their sense of selves during this tough time took them on a journey of reflection to remember moments of positivity and inspiration. One such moment was a chance encounter in Copenhagen’s fashionable Café Oscar.

After enjoying midsummer celebrations with her partner and co-founder, Robin Thelander’s family in the south of Sweden. The weather was abnormally hot for that time of year causing train tracks to expand which resulted in severe train delays. Subsequently, the pair missed their return flight home to London and they found themselves with an extra night to spend in Copenhagen. 

Wanting to make the most of their extra night, they dined at the very chic Café Oscar, where they befriended an elegant gentleman. A retired businessman on his travels, he embodied a gentleman’s confident sophistication. He had a timeless elegance in his fashion style, and he articulated his intelligence seamlessly. He shared his invaluable views on life - through adversity and success - in particular the importance of valuing time. He expressed profoundly:

“Time, it is both the most valued and most wasted entity. Time is the most equal luxury possessed by all because we all have the same 24 hours in a day. We are encased in between the past and the present, what we do with our present and what we learn from our past shapes our future. Time is a gift. Therefore, it is the quality of how you spend your time that marks your truest level of success” - This gentleman was none other than Oscar Fenston. 

Time is the indefinite progress of our existence. Oscar Fenston represents the motivation and the power we all have to change and elevate the quality of how we handle the challenges and the successes we face in our lives.  Time moves us forward and the quality of how we spend our time is in our making. Oscar Fenston timepieces are emblems of achievements for those who strive to break down the limitations that hinder their fullest potential.

Encourage the brave. Your time, your legacy.